Try out the latest hidden kitchen trend

If you’re looking for inspiration to kick start your New Year kitchen makeover, we think you need to check out the latest hidden kitchen trend.

Now why would you want to hide a kitchen if it’s brand new?  This trend has sprung forth from the rise of the open plan kitchen which typically combines living, kitchen and dining spaces.  The whole idea with a hidden kitchen is to integrate it into the overall space so that you create a really enjoyable living space where you can relax and entertain. Effectively, you’re just hiding away the bits that you don’t want to see, and creating a beautiful space to show off to your friends and family.  It’s really up to you how far you take the trend, but here’s some of the most fashionable things that you could think to include.


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When it comes to cabinetry the big buzz words are sliding and pocket doors. These almost magic doors just slide into place revealing the kitchen at a push, or with one swoop, hiding it completely away. These tall exterior doors will form a large panel in the room when in action, so it’s wise to choose a material that will work with the space. You could pick a striking finish that may look akin to a beautiful wooden piece of furniture, or something that will blend in by borrowing the colour of the walls for instance.  It’s a good idea to choose a finish which will add warmth to the overall room so that it doesn’t become too clinical looking.  You may also want to try out the mechanism to make sure you’re happy with how easy it is to use the door so that it doesn’t end up becoming a bother. For a less radical approach, try a handle-less kitchen with sleek and refined cabinets and recessed handles.

Your kitchen sink can also get in on this hidden trend.  The whole idea is to create a really sleek and uninterrupted look, so an undermounted sink is ideal as it sits below the worktop, allowing the clean lines of the surface to flow unimpeded.  There are also models which sit almost flush to the surface creating a high-end, integrated look with the convenience of an inset fit; our Plateau sink is a perfect example of this.

Appliances have also been hugely influenced by this trend. There are appliances which can literally disappear from view when not in use; a downdraft extractor hood simply sits behind your hob and when activated rises out of the worktop. Trust us; you’ll feel like you’re on a Bond set! There’s also flush-fit extractors which are hidden in the ceiling, or simply opt for ovens and microwaves that are built-in and feature touchscreens for a super sleek look.


Touch controlled appliances, Miele

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