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Britain has become celebrated for creating beautifully crafted products, and at Astracast® we’re proud of the fact that we manufacture our composite sinks and acrylic baths on British soil.

Manufacturing is now a global business and it’s possible to buy products from far and wide, yet our tiny little island still remains a big player on the global stage.

When we’re bombarded with prices and deals every day, it’s interesting to see that the ‘Made in Britain’ tag can still win the hearts and minds of many people.  So what is it that makes this so appealing?

The UK has been at the forefront of design and manufacturing for hundreds of years, whether you look back to the might of the industrial revolution, or the finely handcrafted products that the likes of William Morris created at the same time.  We’re a country of innovators and craftsmen, and these values are still very much present today, whether it’s the likes of Jason Dyson producing pioneering appliances, or the late designer Alexander McQueen producing world-leading fashions.

The ‘Made in Britain’ tag is a sign of quality, signifying instantly that a product has been well made by experts in their field.  This imparts that the product will be long-lasting and durable; a dependable product.  The throw away culture of yesteryear is now a thing of the past, and there’s a real resurgence in buying quality products that will stand the test of time.

Dart 1.5B Opal White The Dart 1.5 Bowl sink, made at our manufacturing site in Bradford, West Yorkshire


These days, people often feel a responsibility about the products that they buy.  The ‘Made in Britain’ tag is not just an indication of the final product, but a sign that the products have been made in safe and dignified conditions.  The UK has always been at the forefront of providing suitable environments for its workers and this still holds true today.   This moral responsibility also extends to the UK’s environmental practices and its industry leading aims, which are recognised around the world. There’s also the feel good factor of investing back in the local economy.  In recent times the manufacturing industry has faced difficulties, and people now actively want to support it to keep this tradition in place.

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