Unscratchable Granite Sinks - How to Choose The Best

Ever wondered what is the 4th strongest element in nature? Me neither, but it’s quartz. What does it have to do with sinks? Granite is made of quartz which makes granite sinks truly durable. Granite has the good looks of a natural material and the strength of nature while being fashionable and future proof.


Scientists were trying to synthesise quartz since mid-nineteenth century under laboratory conditions. Finally this was achieved using a specialised pressure cooker. However, the quality and quantity of the material were poor despite the effort and research that were invested in the project. By mid 90’s the formula was improved and after 100 years, the whole electronics industry was dependent on man-made quartz. Furthermore, scientists have been finding new uses for quartz every decade since.

Granite sinks

Back to sinks now. All I want from my sink is for it to look brand new for as long as possible (oh and of course to fit my pots and pans for washing up). However, if like me you don’t treat your sink with respect, throw pans at it, drag dishes across the drainer, then you need something that will not show the marks right after purchase. Scratch a knife across a ROK® Granite sink and it will show the mark, but look closely and you will notice that the sink hasn’t been scratched it’s the knife that has left metallic residues, so simply wipe off this residue and the sink will be as good as new. It’s scratch and heat resistant.

Granite, quartz based material, can be synthesised into a variety of shapes, styles and patterns. It is even possible to give it a metallic look without losing out on the durability of the structure. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Astracast ROK® Granite Finishes

When choosing a granite sink it is worth to taking into account your general use of the piece and the colour and pattern that will fit your kitchen and taste.

What’s different about ROK® Granite sinks?

Be careful when looking for your new granite sink as many other sink manufacturers make similar claims about their products but tests show that not all granite sinks are the same. Sinks from the ROK® Granite series at Astracast are in fact made differently. They are actually made upside down, which means the vast majority of the granite quartz crystals fall to the surface to make sure you get the strength and good looks where you need it most.

Astracast ROK® Granite Particle Close Up

Thanks to that process, Astracast managed to improve on the granite material use and achieve even more durable surface. It creates an impenetrable barrier, which makes it resistant to stains, intense heat, scratching and every day knocks and bumps. Feel free to browse the range of available ROK® Grantie sinks here: CLICK

Written by Catherine Seville-Clare, Head of Marketing at Astracast

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