Supporting British Manufacturing

With the present somewhat questionable situation of British industry, it is important to support British manufacturers where possible. There is such an abundance of fantastic British product with huge choice and amazing quality that is makes it easier now than ever before to fit your house out top to bottom with British designed and manufactured product.

How about starting with your kitchen? There are many many kitchen cabinet manufacturers here in the UK and the quality is often second to none. So once you have selected that dream kitchen, what better way to finish it off than with a shiny new sink made right here on British soil?

Astracast ROK® Granite sinks are made at our factory in Bradford, West Yorkshire where we have been manufacturing sinks for over 30 years.


Our workforce in Bradford is more than 250 strong, with a number of skilled engineers, operatives and office staff.

From our offices in Bradford we service a global customer base, covering; continental Europe, USA, Russia and Australia. We reach all corners of the globe, with products manufactured here - in Britain. We are also very proud to say that all our new product designs are created in house through our team of technicians and designers, and are brought to market and manufactured by in house teams. We have absolute and full control over all elements of our products which is naturally translated into the quality of our work and products.


Supporting the British economy through our work and effort is a key part of our strategy and where others have looked overseas to source product, we have stood firm, proud to say all Astracast ROK® Granite sinks are manufactured in Britain. Browse range of our ROK® products here.

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