Should I get a food waste disposer?

Our lives are getting busier every day, never mind the increased pressure to become more environmentally friendly! We are all up for saving the world and becoming greener but, let’s be honest, sometimes we just want to put it all in one bin and be done. The number of bins we own, is slowly taking over space to actually cook. Not to mention the smells from the food waste bins that can disturb the pleasant aromas of cooking and fragrant candles as we want to collapse on the sofa after a hard day’s work.  To top it all off you have probably heard that some local councils want to collect bins every 3 weeks instead of 2 (Just imagine the image of me climbing over bin bags just to get to the cooker...not a pretty site or smell!). Think about the vermin and maggots, especially in the warmer months...

One idea some of us are looking into is installing a food waste disposer... no, no, we are not going all American on you, but we do think they might have something with this one. You can throw any food waste down your sink, even bones, pizza crusts and banana skins, run the tap and it’s gone. With the added bonus of no smells and one less bin from the ever growing pile at the kitchen door. It’s also a big tick in the ‘saving the world’ box as it would reduce the amount of food in the landfills and the waste can be converted into biogas and then turned into electricity. One concern that people have is the noise, well surprisingly, according to the designers and experts in the field the noise produced by the food waste disposer is very minimal and it wouldn’t disturb viewing of our product manager’s favourite - the highly intellectual programme - Emmerdale!  As mentioned at the beginning our lives are getting busier and we are all looking for a faster way to complete anything. Hey, even coffee shops and dry cleaners have drive thru’s now! So the fact that you can scrape the scraps into the sink, run the tap and it’s gone is great....also one less bin to remember to put out on the every 3rd Tuesday of the month!

There are dozens of disposer options, you can get continuous or batch feed does sound confusing but in fact, it’s very simple to understand. With the continuous feed disposers, you continually put food down the sink, with the batch feed disposers you put an amount of food into the waste then use a ‘stopper key’ to activate the disposer and continue in batches  (hint in the name?) until all your food waste is gone. In fact Astracast has just launched a new range of food waste disposers offering both feed types and varying sizes to suit all families. As we are very competitive on price do not hesitate to take the plunge and try one and see how it goes.....let’s face it there’s nothing to lose…..only bad smells and piles of bin bags!

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