Making and keeping water safe means water companies have to use chemicals like chlorine that can significantly affect taste and odour. In addition natural sediment and other non-harmful contaminants can end up making our water taste and look anything but fresh.

Springflow®, however, transforms this into natural fresh tasting and odourless water that is a sheer pleasure to drink! Springflow® filtered water kitchen taps combat odours and contaminants in your water supply to improve the appearance and taste of kitchen tap water, dramatically reducing chlorine by up to 99%.


Water is an essential component of life. We can’t live without it.

In the UK we take it for granted that we have safe drinking water on kitchen tap. Springflow® goes even further; combating herbicides, pesticides, insecticides and other organic chemicals – making it not just taste better but healthier too!


You can’t choose the quality or source of your kitchen tap water, but with a Springflow® filtered water kitchen tap you can transform your normal mains supply into fresh, natural tasting filtered water – at the touch of a handle.

Springflow® filtered water kitchen taps give additional protection against chemicals that may be present in the mains supply, reducing chlorine by up to 99% and filtering out sediment, dirt and rust whilst leaving the minerals essential to good health.

At the turn of a handle Springflow® kitchen taps dispense an endless supply of refreshing crystal clear water, it couldn’t be easier!


Our patented valve system means there is no need for additional handles or fuss – just push the cold handles back to dispense fresh filtered water.

Our filter, hidden away under the kitchen sink can be mounted in any position, horizontal or vertical – to best fit the space you have to offer. When it comes to changing the filter you don’t need a new unit just open up the discreet casing and pop in a new Springflow® cartridge. No mess, no hassle, just great tasting water.


A typical bottle of water would cost up to 30 x more than Springflow® filtered water, and with Springflow® there is no plastic waste.